Josh Nathanson / Design & Art Direction

Every time you visit the site you are presented with a provocative image & quote.

Scroll down to view all the latest projects & news.

The scroll continues forever, right back to the very first projects Starck created.

Project pages.

Type into LESS to filter the grid (e.g. Portraits).

No search results.

The MORE sitemap menu.

Design: GBH.London
Client: Philippe Starck

How do you create a website for a man who describes himself as a visionary, a poet and a philosopher? A man who rejects the very idea of ‘design’? Then take into account how to display over 2000 projects from 40 years of work, and make it easy for users to discover.

We disposed of normal website conventions and instead played up to the grand philosophies that Starck lives and works by.

To begin with, it was just a question of ‘Less’ or ‘More’...

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